About the Rebate Agents Network

The Rebate Agents Network was started by a real estate broker with 10+ years’ experience in the real estate and mortgage industries.  Most experienced agents have come across clients who will ask the agent to rebate a portion of their commission back to them.  In most cases, it is worth it for the agent to rebate some commission and retain the client; they just don’t want to do it for every client every time.

In today’s world, close to 90% of home buyers and sellers are doing their research on the internet, including those that are looking for a rebate from their agent.  The problem for the agents is if they offer and advertise it on the internet, then they have to give it to all their clients.  That is where the Rebate Agents Network comes in. We allow home buyers and sellers to connect with agents from well-known national and local real estate companies who are willing to rebate a portion of their commission back to their client through our service.  It’s a win/win as the agent gains a client without giving up commission on every sale, and the client gets a substantial rebate check back after closing.

If you are a home buyer and/or seller and would like to get placed with an agent from our network, simply fill out the short form to the right and we’ll put you in touch.

If you are an agent looking to join our network, send us your information via the agent page of this website and we’ll be in touch to follow up.

We also have free programs for mortgage loan originators to refer their clients to agents through our network.